Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland

The Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland, Inc.., (PBRC) is the statewide coordinator of volunteer legal services. Our mission is to promote equal access to justice in Maryland by coordinating and supporting volunteer civil legal services, providing resources and support for legal advocates for the poor, and promoting cooperation within the legal community.

About Us

PBRC is a separate non-profit organization which serves as the designated “pro bono arm” of the Maryland State Bar Association (MSBA). PBRC works closely with legal services providers and local bar association pro bono projects throughout the state to help recruit, train, recognize and support pro bono lawyers. PBRC also provides support services (click HERE) to volunteers and programs in the way of free or discounted training, a Pro Bono and Judicare Litigation Fund, mentors and technical assistance.

We have compiled a list of pro bono programs offering a wide range of opportunities for attorneys interested in providing free civil legal services to the disadvantaged. In addition to direct client representation, several programs operate advice clinics and mentoring and training opportunities for volunteer lawyers. Most programs provide malpractice insurance.




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