When it comes to property taxes, what you don’t know just may cost you your home – and all your equity!  Each year, Baltimore puts thousands of owner-occupied properties on the tax sale list (4,800 homeowners on Baltimore tax sale list this year and 5,700 on Prince George’s County list)  Many of these owners would benefit from the Homeowner Tax Credit (a state tax credit available for low-income homeowners.)  The problem is, they just don’t know it exists.

PBRC uses the data from the tax sale list, to target a mailing of 5,000 postcards to affected households – letting them know about the Homeowner Tax Credit, and inviting them to attend a free clinic to discover options to save their homes.

That’s where you come in!  PBRC recruits and trains volunteer attorneys to staff these clinics, and we want you to come be part of this project.

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