Your gift could change a life.

You can help those in need receive legal assistance. You can help build a strong corps of volunteer attorneys across our state. You can play a major role in ensuring access to justice.

As the gap between rich and poor grows in Maryland, pro bono help is more and more critical. We can’t afford to lose our momentum. Vacant housing, destitution, homelessness, family separations. The consequences for our communities are too great. That’s why we need your help now, more than ever.

The Pro Bono Resource Center is known nationally for our innovative approach to pro bono. Agile and responsive, we continually evolve to meet the changing needs of attorneys, courts, nonprofit legal services providers, and individuals and families in need. Your financial support helps sustain our work to ensure that low-income individuals get the help they need, and that attorneys make their communities stronger by giving back.

We need your help to ensure that the Pro Bono Resource Center can continue this work in 2019 and beyond. Because of your generosity, the Pro Bono Resource Center has expert staff, deep community connections, and innovative programs to provide meaningful service for those in need. When you make a donation to the campaign for pro bono, you build and sustain pro bono work across Maryland. You help us build a state where everyone who needs an attorney has one–not just the few who can afford it. You help ensure that everyone has equal access to justice. You help ensure that our communities are strong.

Your generous gift could change a life. Please join the Campaign for Pro Bono by donating today.

Yes! I want to support pro bono efforts across Maryland to change the lives of those in need.
Your gift will help those in need through life-changing legal assistance.


If you’d like to mail in your donation, please find the donation form here.
Contact Linzey Powers at or 443-703-3055 if you need assistance.

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