Resources for Lawyers

Training for Volunteer Lawyers

In exchange for a pro bono commitment, PBRC offers high quality free/discounted training on relevant legal topics either live or via online webcast or webinar formats.

Litigation Fund

PBRC administers a statewide Litigation Fund, through which volunteer lawyers handling cases through an MLSC-funded program can be reimbursed for certain types of litigation expenses.

Pro Bono Rules & Reporting

Lawyers are linked to the Maryland Rules related to pro bono practice and information about the annual mandatory filing process for pro bono and IOLTA reports.

Volunteer Opportunities

Private, government and corporate counsel are connected to meaningful short and long-term pro bono opportunities based on their legal skills and areas of interests and location.

Support for Volunteer Lawyers

We make pro bono work more manageable by providing essential support to volunteers including matching them with mentors, training, litigation funds, and short-term hands-on experiences.

Join the E-Bulletin

Be in the know through our free, bi-monthly E-Bulletin that summarizes current pro bono training and service opportunities, events, and job opportunities throughout the state.