>> In the News: Commentary in support of Tax Sale reform - Ken Strong

"The Baltimore Sun has recently published two excellent op-ed commentaries: “Mayor should cancel tax sale” by Allison Harris of the Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland (3/26/21) and “Building progress with transparency, accountability, and integrity” by Mayor Brandon Scott (3/29/21). I enthusiastically agree with the main appeal by Ms. Harris to cancel the 2021 City tax sale until further reforms are instituted, the most dire impacts of Covid pass, and Covid federal relief arrives. The tax sale should only proceed once owner-occupied houses are fully removed from the tax sale. Once that is successfully accomplished, and comprehensive services provided to homeowners and tenants, the tax sale could be held and the City would still reap several million dollars in revenue.

I applaud Mayor Scott for the values and the passion he brings to leading city government, eloquently expressed in his Sun Commentary. Cancelling this year’s tax sale, currently scheduled for May 17th, and assertively aiding low-income families to preserve homeownership and senior independence as overarching goals, is completely consistent with Mayor Scott’s approach to City leadership." -- Ken Strong writes to Councilwoman Odette Ramos

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