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Fiona Oliphant

Healing Equity United

Panelist, Equity after the Pandemic and Beyond

Fiona Oliphant is Healing Equity United’s Co-Founder & Principal Consultant. Fiona’s personal mission is to create a world centering society’s marginalized by valuing their lived experiences, amplifying their voices and realigning current systems of power. She worked in the gender-based violence sector to actualize that mission. Varied roles, from immigration attorney to executive director, were fundamental building blocks for sustained social impact work. Fiona graduated from Wellesley College, The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, and Brooklyn Law School. She believes that our identities, are sources of strength, ingenuity and connection. Some of Fiona’s most valued identities are: mother; spouse; Jamaican-American; avid reader and globe trotter. She is an unwavering optimist who believes that collectively we can end violence and oppression.

Fiona Oliphant