Matthew Stubenberg

Harvard Law School Access to Justice Lab

Roundtable Speaker, 50 Tech Tips for Legal Services and Beyond!

Matthew Stubenberg graduated from Maryland Law School in 2013. Interested in using technology to change how the law is practiced, he first developed a mobile app named, “Not Guilty App” to more easily navigate the Maryland courthouses. Matthew then used his training in expungement law to create, a website which automated the expungement process and has been used to expunge more than 116,000 cases since launching in 2015. He worked at both Maryland Legal Aid and the Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service (MVLS) where he developed a way to scrape and create a fully searchable database from cases on Maryland Judiciary Case Search.  Matthew is currently the Associate Director of Legal Technology at Harvard Law School’s Access to Justice where he conducts randomized controlled trials to determine which interventions in access to justice issue work and which do not.