Shawn Levin

Avid Practice, Inc.

Roundtable Speaker, 50 Tech Tips for Legal Services and Beyond!

Shawn Levin, with over 20 years of technology infrastructure experience, security, and small/medium business operation, has an engaged understanding for the need of properly managed, state of the art, technology solutions. Shawn holds various industry certifications and continues his education on security, cloud services, business productivity software, collaboration systems, information availability, virtualization platforms, and business analytics. Shawn has developed and implemented turn-key business technology systems that dynamically adapt to the specific needs of each business. Shawn is a versatile business executive with a background in the development of innovative and performance enhancing technology. Shawn brings a proven ability to capitalize on existing technologies and acquire cost effective, scalable, enterprise technologies, producing substantial improvements in operating efficiency and profitability. Throughout his career, Shawn has attempted to invigorate business capacity through global application of technology integrations, empowering organizations and increasing executive efficacy through a reduction in the dependence on middle management. Shawn is a pragmatic visionary and usability expert of innovative adaptable solutions, fusing proven technology with the unique goals and needs of any organization.