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Criminal Record Expungement: Recent Updates and What Still Needs to Change

Session 1: 9:45 AM to 11:00 AM  |  Room 301

Maryland has updated its expungement laws to the great benefit of people with a criminal record who have struggled to find employment and housing. Advocates have continued to fight for better expungement laws each year, and have won some important victories. But as criminal record relief has become a nationwide movement, the conversation has revealed that Maryland's law still have room for improvement. From struggles to lower waiting periods, to pushing for automatic and partial expungement, advocates see a number of possibilities for making expungement more accessible. And after the substantial improvements obtained in the past few years, many are looking toward the next frontier in expungement expansion. Hear from a group of lawyers and community advocates with insight into the issues still affecting those with a record as well as the way courts will handle expungement in the coming years.


  1. Tim Darby, Maryland Legal Aid
  2. Christopher Dews, Job Opportunities Task Force (JOTF)
  3. Nicole Hanson-Mundell, Out for Justice, Inc.