Dave Pantzer

Dave Pantzer, Esq. is PBRC’s Director of Education, Outreach, and Technology. Dave leads PBRC’s efforts to engage with the bar and the public, develops and supports partnerships with legal and community groups, supervises attorney recruitment and training for the partnerships, and oversees the use of emerging technologies and platforms to support PBRC’s mission.




Where did you grow up?
I grew up in West Swanzey, NH.  The 2010 population was 1,308.  Of course, I was long gone by 2010, so the population may have been as high as 1,309 in the 1990’s.

What brought you to Maryland/Baltimore?
My lovely bride took a job with the Children’s Chorus of Maryland.  We moved to Towson from Chicago, where we had both done our undergraduate work.

Where did you go to school and what was your major/focus?
My undergraduate degree was in computer science at Illinois Institute of Technology.  (IIT is considered “the MIT of the south side of Chicago.”)  As a law student, I took classes at both UM and UB, and graduated from UM.

What are your interests/hobbies?
I am interested in theology, communication, humor, road trips, running, reading, and people.  My hobby is finding funny or absurd things in the world, and posting pictures of them on Facebook.

How did you connect with PBRC?
When I worked at the People’s Law Library, PBRC helped us recruit volunteers.  Later, through my involvement with the Pro Bono Coordinating Council and the MSBA, I became a board member.

What were you doing prior to working here?
Immediately before coming to PBRC, I was a litigator with Simms Showers LLP.

What do you do at PBRC?
I seek to find more and better ways to use training, service, and mentoring as tools to help attorneys grow.  I also enjoy interviewing volunteer attorneys, as a way of learning from them, and spreading the word about pro bono.

What is your proudest accomplishment?
Walking closely with my mom through her final struggle with cancer.  I am also proud of my three children: Mercie, Daniel, and Anna. 

What motivates you?
One of my heroes, a writer and philosopher named Dallas Willard, said this: “To merely welcome another, to provide for him or her, to make a place, is one of the most life-giving and life-receiving things a human being can do.”

What has been your most meaningful experience with PBRC?
Last year, I worked with many others to create a new series of Litigation Skills Lunch & Learn trainings.  This year, I am excited to build on those trainings with the launch of the 2019-2020 Professional Skills Academy.  The Academy aims to use training, service-learning and mentoring to provide newer attorneys with skills, confidence, and the habit of pro bono service.

What do you appreciate about PBRC’s mission?
I appreciate the fact that PBRC gives lawyers various tools to grow themselves – and with and through that growth to benefit the community.. 

Tell us something random.
My favorite movie is “Sneakers.”

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