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For over 30 years, PBRC has been connecting lawyers with purpose and ensuring that low-income Marylanders have equal access to justice.

On September 15, 2022, we gathered with the Maryland legal community, celebrated the pro bono advocates who make our work possible, and advocated for stable housing and the preservation of neighborhoods in our community. It was a lively evening featuring cocktails, dinner, entertainment, and awards.

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Meet Betty

"My husband passed three years ago. We have two sons. He was the breadwinner, so he paid the bills. After he passed, things got hard for me..."

Betty was a client at the Pro Bono Resource Center's Tax Sale Clinic in the Baltimore neighborhood of Sandtown-Winchester. "Betty," of course, is not her real name. But her story is real.

When Betty sat down with a volunteer attorney at the clinic, she was desperate. She was only 56, but health problems kept her from full-time work. Her claim for disability was denied, and she struggled to make ends meet by babysitting, collecting cans, picking up odd jobs where she could.

Betty was going to lose her home of more than 30 years because of overdue water bills - and she didn't know where to turn for help. But with the assistance of pro bono volunteers and PBRC's staff attorney mentor, Betty left the clinic with a clear plan to save her home and guidance on how to improve her financial situation. She left with hope.

After just one hour with a volunteer attorney, almost half of PBRC's tax sale clients are able to remove their home from the tax sale list! And when families can stay in their home, that eliminates vacant structures - making all our neighborhoods stronger.

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