Our Staff


Sharon E. Goldsmith, Esq.

Executive Director

443-703-3048 | Email Sharon

Sharon E. Goldsmith joined PBRC in 1990 as its founding director. Sharon manages the overall operation of PBRC, including strategic planning, media relations, program development, financial management, human resources, board development, project incubation, and leadership. She also works closely with the Court of Appeals on its Standing Committee on Pro Bono Legal Services as well as with local pro bono committees and legal services providers to ensure the most effective and coordinated system of pro bono delivery exists statewide.

Elizabeth L. Grove

Executive Assistant

443-703-3045 | Email Elizabeth

Elizabeth Grove joined PBRC in 2013 and serves as Sharon E. Goldsmith’s Executive Assistant. Elizabeth coordinates meetings and conference calls, manages communications, organizes files and record-keeping, responds to general inquiries, tracks donations, and assists with special events. She also works with the Standing Committee and Pro Bono Liaisons, and helps ensure that lawyers meet reporting requirements. Elizabeth also provides support to the staff and Board of Directors.

Annie Speedie

Deputy Director

443-703-3051 | Email Annie

Annie Speedie joined PBRC in 2011 and serves as the Deputy Director. Annie provides supervision to PBRC’s Pro Bono Projects in the areas of home preservation, consumer protection, tenant advocacy and immigrant assistance, and she helps manage completion of reporting requirements resulting from grants. She also contributes to strategic planning for the organization, provides guidance to other staff on PBRC’s volunteer attorney recruitment and support activities, offers technical assistance to other legal services programs, and manages the Litigation Fund.


Nataly Karimi

Marketing and Development Associate

443-703-3061 | Email Nataly

Nataly Karimi joined PBRC in 2021 as the Marketing and Development Associate. Nataly handles all marketing efforts at PBRC including promoting events, managing external communications, and other press outreach. She designs the social media, digital, and print collateral as well as manages the Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Nataly also assists with the planning and implementation of PBRC's fundraising efforts.

Dave Pantzer, Esq.

Director of Education, Outreach & Technology

443-977-6721 | Email Dave

Dave Pantzer joined PBRC in 2018. Dave leads PBRC’s efforts to engage with the bar and the public, develops and supports partnerships with legal and community groups, supervises lawyer recruitment and training for the partnerships, and oversees the use of emerging technologies and platforms to support PBRC’s mission. He is also the site administrator for Maryland Free Legal Answers and is the staff liaison for the Annual Pro Bono Service Awards.

Kiah E. Pierre

Training & Records Manager

443-703-3046 | Email Kiah

Kiah Pierre joined PBRC in 2009 and serves as the Training & Records Manager. Kiah coordinates pro bono trainings for lawyers and other advocates, refers trained volunteers to legal service providers, and tracks the status of their pro bono engagement. She also manages volunteer records, contributes to PBRC’s grant reporting requirements, administrates website content, and coordinates PBRC’s annual Partners for Justice Conference.

Linzey Powers

Development Director

443-703-3055 | Email Linzey

Linzey Powers joined PBRC in 2017 and serves as the Development Director. Linzey oversees PBRC’s fundraising efforts, building relationships with individuals, corporations, and foundations who share our vision of access to justice for all.


Thomas Azari


443-410-4710 | Email Thomas

Thomas Azari joined PBRC in 2021 and serves as a part-time Paralegal for the Courtroom Advocacy Project (CAP). Thomas staffs the Consumer Protection Project and the Tenant Volunteer Lawyer of the Day Program courthouse clinics assisting clients with paperwork, checking landlord licensing statuses, and supporting CAP staff attorneys and volunteers.

Melissa Chiasera, Esq.

Staff Attorney

443-703-5200 | Email Melissa

Melissa Chiasera joined PBRC in 2020 and serves as the Staff Attorney for the Courtroom Advocacy Project (CAP). Melissa is responsible for coordinating PBRC’s limited-scope courthouse-based pro bono clinics for consumers and tenants in addition to recruiting and mentoring CAP volunteers.

Katherine "Katie" S. Davis, Esq.


443-703-3049 | Email Katie

Katie Davis joined PBRC in 2020 and serves as the Director of the Courtroom Advocacy Project (CAP). Katie oversees CAP’s courthouse-based clinics for consumers and tenants in Baltimore City and Prince George’s County. She is also responsible for outreach to the Maryland legal community for the recruitment, training and mentoring of volunteer lawyers.



MatZyonna "Matte" Howard


443-703-3052 | Email Matte

Matte Howard joined PBRC in the fall of 2019 and serves as the Coordinator for the Home Preservation Project. Matte is the point of contact for clients interested in attending legal advice clinics and/or seeking other legal resources. She also assists with managing and tracking the Home Preservation Project trainings offered to volunteer lawyers who participate in estate planning, tax sale, and utility bill clinics.

Jade McDuffie McClary, Esq.

Staff Attorney

443-703-3028 | Email Jade

Jade McDuffie McClary joined PBRC in 2020 and serves as a Staff Attorney for the Home Preservation Project. Jade is responsible for coordinating community outreach for the Home Preservation Project’s clinics in Baltimore City and Prince George’s County. Jade also assists with recruiting, training, and mentoring volunteer lawyers who participate in estate planning, tax sale prevention, and utility bill clinics.


Proyecto de Asistencia Legal para Inmigrantes en Maryland

Edison Lopez

Paralegal / Asistente Legal

443-703-3054 | Email / Correo electrónico Edison 

Edison Lopez joined PBRC in 2020 and serves as the Project Paralegal for the Maryland Immigrant Legal Assistance Project. Edison is the point of contact for Spanish-speaking clients at weekly clinics, conducts follow up calls with clients, connects Marylanders with legal resources, and manages the volunteer interpreters.

Edison Lopez se unió al PBRC en 2020 y es el asistente legal para el Proyecto de Asistencia Legal para Inmigrantes en Maryland. Edison es el punto de contacto para hispanohablantes en las clínicas legales, mantiene contacto con los clientes, sirve como un recurso para clientes en Maryland que buscan asistencia legal, y esta en cargo de los intérpretes.

Catherine "Cate" H. Scenna, Esq.

Director / Directora

443-465-4627 | Email / Correo electrónico Cate

Cate Scenna joined PBRC in 2015 and serves as the Director of the Maryland Immigrant Legal Assistance Project. Cate is responsible for recruiting, training, and mentoring volunteer lawyers for the statewide Maryland Immigrant Legal Assistance Project. Cate is also responsible for coordinating the Project’s courthouse clinics where volunteer lawyers meet with unaccompanied children to identify legal arguments they can make in their deportation proceedings and provide information about obtaining pro bono representation.

Catherine “Cate” Scenna se unió al PBRC en 2015 y sirve como la Directora del Proyecto de Asistencia Legal para Inmigrantes en Maryland. Cate es responsable de reclutar, entrenar y aconsejar a los abogados voluntarios que apoyan el Proyecto. Cate también es responsable de coordinar las clínicas de corte del Proyecto en las cuales abogados voluntarios se reúnen con menores no-acompañados para identificar argumentos legales que puedan utilizar en sus procedimientos de deportación y para proveer información acerca de cómo encontrar representación pro bono.

Alexa Siegel, Esq.

Staff Attorney / Abogada de medio tiempo

Alexa Siegel joined PBRC in 2019 and serves the Maryland Immigrant Legal Assistance Project as a part-time Staff Attorney. Alexa is responsible for training and mentoring volunteer lawyers, as well as lending her expertise in removal defense to broaden the services we offer through our courthouse clinics.

Alexa Siegel se unió a PBRC en 2019 y da servicio a el Proyecto de Asistencia Legal para Inmigrantes de Maryland como Abogada de medio tiempo.  Alexa es responsable de capacitar y asesorar a abogados voluntarios, así como de prestar su experiencia en defensa en contra de la deportación para ampliar los servicios que ofrecemos a través de nuestras clínicas en los tribunales.