Volunteers Ensuring Justice

Volunteers Ensuring Justice

Volunteers Ensuring Justice

Volunteers Ensuring Justice

Volunteers Ensuring Justice

Volunteers Ensuring Justice

Volunteers Ensuring Justice

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Volunteer Profile

"The two days a month I volunteer with MILAP give me more satisfaction as a lawyer than any two months I ever worked in private practice. I see my grandmother in my clients, and I want to do what I can to help them achieve what my family was able to achieve in this country."

William Meyer, Esq., Volunteer, Maryland Immigrant Legal Assistance Project

2020 Annual Report

We are pleased to announce that our 2020 Annual Report is now online.

Litigation Skills Series:

REGISTER NOW: Expert Testimony on a Shoestring

Friday, February 5, Noon - 3, Zoom

Thank you, volunteers!

PBRC thanks its 2020 volunteers for their generous commitment to ensuring access to justice for those in need.

Unmet Need


There are only 1.49 lawyers for every 10,000 low-income people in Maryland.

A Community of Volunteers

PBRC connects lawyers and others with the purpose of serving those in need.

Learn more about how you can help.

Impacting Neighborhoods

Learn how PBRC is saving homes, helping families, and stabilizing communities.

Last year, by the numbers...

People Impacted
Volunteer Hours
Participants Trained
Value of donated legal services
Cost savings to clients

Who We Are

PBRC is Maryland’s hub for pro bono (free) civil legal assistance provided by volunteers. Equal access to justice is a core value of our nation, yet hundreds of thousands of our state’s residents cannot afford the legal help they desperately need and have no legal guarantee of a lawyer. As the pro bono arm of the Maryland State Bar Association, PBRC plays a unique role as the training, support, innovation, and advocacy center for pro bono. Our statewide services include:

  • Offering a professional training and mentoring program with both substantive law and skills building sessions enabling lawyers and others to effectively serve clients
  • Consulting and connecting volunteers with legal nonprofits across Maryland
  • Hosting innovative, free legal clinics in the courthouse and community offering immediate legal assistance to low-income families in areas of critical need not yet addressed by other organizations
  • Advocating and organizing to encourage pro bono service and improve the justice system for the communities we serve


Together, our community of lawyers with purpose is opening the doors of justice for everyone.

PBRC engages and supports the Maryland legal community in meaningful and impactful volunteer service to ensure equal access to justice for those in need.