Nneka N’namdi

2024 Partners for Justice Conference (2)

Nneka N'namdi

Stop Oppressive Seizures (SOS) Fund

PanelistFighting Blight Through Resolving Tangled Title Issues

Nneka N'namdi is Baltimore based, engaging in social mission driven business and community wellness work. She lives in Upton. It is one of Baltimore's most storied but blighted neighborhoods and her lived experience there has given birth to Fight Blight Bmore, a social and environmental justice tool for residents to identify, report track and remediate blight. Additionally, Nneka is one of the co creators of The SOS (Stop Oppressive Seizures) Fund which seeks to disrupt and dismantle racist housing and community development policy while decolonizing our understanding of ownership to encourage a transition to collective land stewardship.

Nneka N'namdi