Maryland Guardianship A to Z (MSBA CLE)

Maryland State Bar Association (MSBA) and PBRC offer 3 free and 3 discounted slots for select MSBA Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses to volunteer and legal services provider staff attorneys. Click for more details. 

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Volunteering In Rent Court: The Basics Of Landlord/Tenant Law In Maryland

In this training, lawyers will learn how to represent tenants in rent court, gaining the skills necessary to help promote housing justice and ensure that clients receive their legally-mandated right to counsel in eviction-related cases in Maryland. This training will offer the basics of landlord/tenant law related to evictions and lawsuits related to the threats to life, health or safety within a home. Attendees will benefit from Q & A with experienced attorneys and the opportunity to strategize about practical solutions for individual case studies.

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Veterans Benefits 101

This training is intended for lawyers barred in any state who are willing to help a veteran in their benefits case on a pro bono basis. The training will provide an overview of veterans benefits law and will cover disability compensation, veterans pension, and practice tips for working with the VA.

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Litigation Skills Series: Client Interviewing Techniques

Topic: Client Interviewing Techniques

Speaker: Jane Santoni, Santoni, Vocci & Ortega, LLC

About the PBRC Litigation Skills Series:

Each meeting typically runs from noon to 2 pm on a Friday, and includes three components: a 75-minute skills training; a 20-minute exercise; and a 20-minute mentoring roundtable, where attendees can bring up litigation questions they’re currently facing (whether related to the presentation topic or not), and get input from the group.

Participation is open to attorneys who have already accepted a pro bono commitment through a PBRC training within the past 12 months OR who commit to answer at least three legal questions for low-income Marylanders, using the website. (Instructions will be provided.)

The skills training portion of each event will be made available as an on-demand webcast recording.

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Representing Tenants facing Eviction from Subsidized Housing

The training will delve into the more intricate details and nuances of representing tenants faced with eviction from subsidized housing. In addition to a short overview, we will cover issues such as reasonable accommodations, practice issue-spotting and take a deeper dive into the impacts of subsidizes on eviction cases such as Tenant Holding Over and Breach of Lease. This training is appropriate for attorneys who have experience with eviction cases who want to learn more about the impact of subsidies on their practice.

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Advising and Forming New Nonprofits & Community Organizations in Maryland

This training is designed for lawyers, law students, and recent law school grads, with little or no experience, to learn the process of incorporating and advising MD nonprofits, applying for 501(c)(3) tax exemption, maintaining compliance, and other nonprofit matters. The training includes materials and instruction on how to work with small, volunteer-run nonprofit clients, drafting and advising on bylaws and conflict of interest policies for small nonprofits, incorporation as a nonstock corporation, applying for recognition of 501(c)(3) tax exempt status and updates to the IRS Form 1023 and 1023-EZ, zoning, and advising nonprofits on ongoing legal compliance.

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