Rent Court Clinics

Volunteering in Rent Court – The Basics of Landlord/Tenant Law in Maryland

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In this training, lawyers will learn how to represent tenants in rent court, gaining the skills necessary to help promote housing justice and ensure that clients receive their legally-mandated right to counsel in eviction-related cases in Maryland. This training will offer the basics of landlord/tenant law related to evictions and lawsuits related to the threats to life, health or safety within a home. Attendees will benefit from Q & A with experienced attorneys and the opportunity to strategize about practical solutions for individual case studies.


Topics include how to:

  • Understand the four legal ways to evict in Maryland
  • Understand how to review a FTPR summons for possible defenses
  • Gain an awareness of the housing crisis in and the role of Access to Counsel in Maryland

This training is open to Maryland-barred attorneys and law students in exchange for a commitment to volunteer at one rent court clinic (3 hours) or hotline shift. Nonprofit legal services provider staff may participate at no cost or pro bono commitment. 


The TVLD Program is funded through a grant from the Administrative Office of the Court (“AOC”).

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