Tax Sale Foreclosure Clinics

Tax Sale Foreclosure Prevention in Maryland

View the trainings online anytime. You will be emailed the training link within 1 business day of registering.

Learn about Tax Sale Foreclosure in Baltimore City and other counties in Maryland! There are two basic web trainings, one geared toward volunteering in Baltimore City and the other toward volunteering in the other Maryland Counties, available to lawyers and housing counselors who are interested in volunteering to assist homeowners and/or nonprofit groups facing tax sale foreclosure in Maryland. This training is a joint project between Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service (MVLS) and PBRC's Home Preservation Project, and is free to lawyers who agree to a pro bono commitment (Baltimore City: 1 clinic and 1 case; Other Maryland Counties: 2 cases) within one year of registering. Training is also free to housing counselors who agree to attend one tax sale clinic within one year of registering.

Co-sponsored by Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland and Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service

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