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The Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland supports and engages lawyers who assist clients, communities, and causes that may be overlooked or forgotten.

We stand for racial and social equity and work every day to ensure equal access to the law—to do what’s right. It must be a collective effort to strive for equal access to justice. We honor those who have paved the way in the past and who join us now. 

To celebrate Black History Month, we spoke with Hon. Pamila Brown from Howard County to learn more about her background and what inspires her to do pro bono.


"So not only are you supposed to be making a living, but you're supposed to be making a difference with that calling, and the law is a calling. I've relished the opportunity to do pro bono work and don't see it as a chore. I see it as one of my duties. And I hope that most lawyers find that same sort of passion about doing it." - Judge Pamila Brown

Watch the highlights of the interview below.