Joy Roberts

2024 Partners for Justice Conference

Joy Roberts

Baltimore County Department of Housing and Community Development

Panelist, I’ve Represented my Client in Rent Court: Now What? 

Joy Roberts serves as the Housing Stability Manager for Baltimore County's Department of Housing and Community Development and has helped oversee the County's COVID-19 Eviction Prevention Program for the past three years. Originally from California's East Bay Area, she moved to Baltimore from Miami to pursue her Master’s in Public Health at Johns Hopkins University where she studied the impacts of housing policy on physical health and mental/emotional well-being. During her time in Baltimore, she has completed the Baltimore City Mayoral Fellowship, Baltimore Corp Fellowship as well as the Maryland Equity & Inclusion Leadership Program offered through University of Baltimore's Schaefer Center of Public Policy.  In addition to her continued efforts on eviction prevention, Joy’s work also focuses on the intersection of housing stability through economic mobility, working with non-profits as they offer stability services like housing navigation, retention credit repair and more, and other initiatives that aim to increase the quality of life for Baltimore County residents.