I’ve Represented my Client in Rent Court: Now What?

2024 Partners for Justice Conference

I’ve Represented my Client in Rent Court: Now What?

Room 303: 11:15 AM to 12:30 PM

Access to Counsel in Evictions is helping to ensure that tenants across Maryland have counsel in rent court.  But what happens after rent court? We know that our clients often have needs or questions that go far beyond the confines of a Failure to Pay Rent action. How do we answer hard questions from clients about the impact of a rent court judgment on their credit or where they can go for additional resources?  What resources could we provide to our clients to preserve their resources and help keep them out of court in the long run?  What laws are out there that can help?  And how far should we, as housing attorneys, go to help our clients after court? This panel will explore additional resources, applicable laws and ethical issues around breaking bad news or offering unrelated advice after court.


  1. Trent Leon-Lierman, CASA de Maryland
  2. Joy Roberts, Baltimore County Department of Housing and Community Development
  3. Zafar Shah, Maryland Legal Aid

Moderator:  Katherine S. Davis, Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland