Michael Stone

Homeless Persons Representation Project

Presenter, Veterans Benefits 101

Michael is the Homeless Persons Representation Project’s (HPPR) Director of Pro Bono Programs. He is responsible for supervising HPRP’s approximately 140 VA benefits and discharge upgrade cases, as well as training and mentoring volunteers and their assigned VA benefits and discharge upgrade cases. Michael also supervises the large pro bono criminal record expungement program operated by HPRP’s Baltimore City office.

Michael joined HPRP in 2011 as a law student volunteer in HPRP’s Pro Bono Program. Michael graduated cum laude from the University of Baltimore School of Law in 2013, and in Fall 2013, he began a bridge fellowship at HPRP. Michael later transitioned to an Equal Justice Works fellowship project designed to provide rural Veterans in Maryland with legal assistance for VA disability and service-connected benefit claims, and, after incorporating the fellowship into HPRP’s existing VA benefits work, Michael took over HPRP’s Montgomery/Prince George’s County office in 2018 as Kent Morrison Director.