Equitable Marketing in the time of Conscious Capitalism

2024 Partners for Justice Conference

Equitable Marketing in the time of Conscious Capitalism

Room 303: 2:15 PM to 3:30 PM

In the rise of cancel culture, businesses around the nation have been proudly touting their commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion through marketing. You’ve seen the increase of diverse families in commercials, movies, and TV shows. You’ve seen corporations celebrating Black History Month or Pride by changing their social media profile pictures to flags and making tweet statements.  Though it’s nice to see the change, critics feel that some of the efforts are forced, fake, or tone deaf. Even legal services providers are being diversity-conscious with their marketing. By including POC in our marketing ads, we aim to make clients feel safe enough to seek help. We also want them to know that they can get help from people who look like them. At the same time, we aim to pull at the heartstrings of donors and volunteers through imagery. How do we balance?  This session will go over different ways to ally through marketing authentically, while being careful to avoid tokenism, patronizing, pathologizing, and white saviorhood.


  1. Maria Cristina Rios, Rios Marketing
  2. Jeniece D. Jones, Public Justice Center

Moderator: Kirsten Gettys Downs, Homeless Persons Representation Project