Navigating Third Party Custody and Non-Parental Rights in Maryland

2024 Partners for Justice Conference

Navigating Third Party Custody Or Non-Parental Rights in Maryland

Room 304: 2:15 PM to 3:30 PM

The concept of Third-Party Child Custody has dramatically changed since Maryland's 2016 Supreme Court of Maryland's decision granting parental rights to de-facto parents. Any party who seeks child custody or visitation and who is not the biological or adoptive parent is considered a third party and are generally without legal rights unless specific circumstances can be proven in Court. Today's panel will discuss various avenues that are available to those third parties seeking custody and the mechanisms in which to do so.


  1. Ferrier R. Stillman, Tydings and Rosenberg LLP
  2. Hon. Hope TiptonCircuit Court for Baltimore City

Moderator: Catherine BledsoeMaryland Office of the Attorney General