PBRC in the News: Renters may soon obtain more power to fight bad housing conditions in court

PBRC in the News


Katie Davis, Director of PBRC's Courtroom Advocacy Project, discussed with The Baltimore Banner the potential ramifications of the Tenant Safety Act of 2024 if it were to pass this legislative session.

"But substantially more can’t afford an escrow fund, which the court frequently requires to hear a case, said Katie S. Davis, Director of the Courtroom Advocacy Project at the Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland, which represents low-income clients.

For example, if a tenant stopped paying rent due to a hazardous water or sewage leak that never got fixed, a judge may order them to pay into an escrow account the full balance of the rent they owe — even if the tenant may have spent that money on cleaning supplies or temporary housing elsewhere.

'The law, as it is written, is not a good solution,' Davis said. 'One of the biggest problems is with funding the escrow just to get the proceeding started.'”

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