Josephine M. Bahn, Esq.

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Can you tell me a little about your private practice?  

I’m a construction and commercial litigator—but only recently switched roles.  When I started at Cozen O'Connor in January, I was completely new to the construction side of things.  It’s been interesting to learn a new area of law—and challenging to say the least, but the support I’ve gotten at Cozen O'Connor has been really impactful on my practice.

How did you first get involved with PBRC? Can you talk a little about your history with PBRC, as a board member and/or as a volunteer?

I raised my hand!  I learned about PBRC from my time on the Maryland State Bar Association Board of Governors.  Sharon would report on the amazing work the organization was tackling and I knew I needed to be a part of it.  When she made a plea for involvement, I reached out to see how I could help, never thinking it would be tackling a board role!

What do you find unique or distinctive about PBRC within Maryland’s legal landscape? 

PBRC is the great connector and equalizer.  In ways other legal services providers can’t use their voice, PBRC is out on the forefront discussing important topics, recruiting volunteers, and lobbying for reform in Annapolis.  PBRC is the free legal services landscape in Maryland.

What developments within PBRC have you found most exciting or promising during your time on the board? 

It has been remarkable to work with such a dedicated staff who pour their heart into this work day in and day out.  We are fortunate to have such champions.  I’m most looking forward to the integration of PBRC’s work and the results their able to get through their reform efforts on a state-wide sphere.

Why do you, personally, donate to PBRC? 

Giving my time on a case pro bono certainly helps, but helping fund the impact PBRC can have is also needed.  A personally meaningful gift to PBRC means that someone seeking access to justice will receive a personally meaningful impact.

As you look at the legal and justice landscape, what do you find exciting or promising? 

The discussion of access to justice is now at the forefront of the legal profession—and I don’t think that’s always been the case.  It is quite promising to listen to so many speeches, talks, and in writing how seriously firms of all sizes are taking this issue.

How important do you think pro bono work is to the legal profession?

I became a lawyer because I saw lawyers as helpers.  Pro bono is how so many people can access justice.  Without it, we fail to reach people who need legal services to help with problems large and small.  I have and will continue to encourage every one of my fellow lawyers to take on a case or two—because just one will get you hooked.

What message would you give to people thinking about supporting PBRC? 

Be it with dollars or time, PBRC works to help solve the access to justice gap—something we all agreed to help when we took our oath(s) as lawyers.  Join me in pushing our profession and the legal system forward through the work that PBRC does.


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