PBRC in the News: Maryland Tax Sales Bill Could Spark Housing Woes for Thousands

PBRC in the News


Allison Harris, Director of PBRC's Home Preservation Project, joined a coalition of housing advocates to voice their opposition to HB 243.

"'We are dismayed to see legislation that directly walks back protections we worked for five years ago that we know have helped to keep families in their homes,' said Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland Director of the Home Preservation Project Allison Harris. 'Despite what proponents of the amendment argue, those of us on the ground working every day with clients in Baltimore know that housing instability of vulnerable homeowners and vulnerable families will be the collateral consequence if HB 243 passes as it currently stands.'”

Read the following press release to hear what Allison and other advocates have to say about HB243: https://www.foodandwaterwatch.org/2024/03/26/maryland-tax-sales-bill-could-spark-housing-woes-for-thousands/