PBRC in the News: Advocates Criticize Maryland Bill on Tax Sales

PBRC in the News


Allison Harris, Director of PBRC's Home Preservation Project, spoke to The Baltimore Sun about the surprising turn this year’s legislative session has taken – much to the dismay of long-time advocates working to reform the tax sale system in Maryland.  

“Harris herself dealt with multi-thousand-dollar water bills after a water main break occurred below home, she said. While she worked to correct the problem, her unpaid bills could have landed her in tax sale if she had been delinquent as of the April 30 cutoff date, she said. 

‘That can happen to anyone,’ Harris said.” 

Read more about House Bill 234 and what PBRC and other advocates are doing to prevent Maryland homeowners from feeling the detrimental effects: https://www.baltimoresun.com/2024/03/12/tax-sale-water-bills-general-assembly/.